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HELLMERICH has been producing multi-spindle heads for rotary machine tables, transfer lines, special machines and transfer centres since 1984. As per September 2010 HELLMERICH extends it´s product range by a patented crown turret head for flexible machining in the volume industry.

The long service life of the multi-spindle heads and the highest precision standards in production make HELLMERICH the trusted partner of the high volume manufacturing industry. Energy efficiency with smaller motors, very low vibrations coupled with the production and installation excellence of experienced staff guarantees top quality.

The value of an investment in our products can not only be measured in terms of initial investment. The real benefit develops over the life cycle, since HELLMERICH multi-spindle heads outperforms products of its competition by the least total cost of ownership (TCO) during their entire operating life.

Our aim is to deliver properly working, low maintenance products, which with their trouble-free operation throughout their operating life, will provide the maximum customer benefit.

The 3 year warranty on all HELLMERICH multi-spindle heads as part of the 3x3 service pledge is a symbol of our quality, you can rely on us!